This was never adopted into law.

We are soliciting support to bring this proclamation into law.




WHEREAS, the geographic area of the United States of America was occupied by Native Americans prior to the existence of the formation of the United States of America;


WHEREAS, the United States of America recognized the existence of Native Americans through treaties and other governmental documents;


WHEREAS, the Cherokee Nation, duly formed in its constitution dated September 6, 1839, and modeled its constitution from that of the United States of America;


WHEREAS, Native Americans as a people have made significant contributions to the safety and prosperity of the United States of America by ceding their lands, the integration of their language, their service in the armed forces, and their commitment as citizens;


WHEREAS, in 1962 the Senate and House of Representatives, in honor of the contributions of Native Americans resolved, under the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, that the fourth Friday of September be set aside as a state and federally recognized Native American Holiday.


We feel that Native Americans deserve a Holiday just like everyone else.

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